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  1. We have new pages on social networks in your preferred language

    In order to facilitate communication with our customers, we decided to create pages on social medias in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Through these pages, you will now find our content in your preferred language. You can now follow us and to be informed in real time of all our news.

    Pages in English


    Pages in French


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  2. Use my telephone line from abroad without paying roaming charges

    Use my telephone line from abroad without paying roaming charges

    You have a mission to fulfill abroad for your employer, for your business or you will simply spend a few days on vacation to the Caribbean sun, but you have a landline in your office that will not stop ringing in your absence, and you would like avoid paying astronomical sums using your mobile line in Roaming mode, once abroad.

    How to solve this problem?

    Using the services of a VOIP provider such as Hivoox Telecom is surely one of the easiest solutions in this case. With Hivoox, you will have several options, which will allow you to continue making and receiving your phone calls easily. You can buy a landline number in USA with Hivoox and forward all your calls from the office or mobile to this landline number in Spain. You can also request the portability of your landline number to Hivoox and use your number directly without being obliged to make call forwarding and pay additional costs.

    After buying the Voip number in Hivoox, you will receive

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  3. Panasonic KX-HDV130 IP phone tested by our voip experts

    Panasonic KX-HDV130 IP phone tested by our voip experts

    The Panasonic KX-HDV130 IP phone has been tested by our team of VoIP experts and we can say that it’s easy to configure and offer HD sound quality in voip calls.

    If you are looking for an IP phone to start in VoIP and enjoy the benefits and innovative features of this modern and advanced telephony, the Panasonic KX-HDV130 IP phone is a great solution. With this IP phone, you can configure up to two SIP accounts to make and receive your phone calls. If you are a Hivoox user, you can configure the telephone numbers from 2 different countries to make and receive calls as if you were in these countries.

    The Panasonic KX-HDV130 fixed IP phone can be used in the office or in your home and can help reduce your telephone bills. Companies looking for an IP phone that is easy to install and configure, to integrate with the Hivoox Virtual PABX or other, can choose this IP phone without any problem. It can register 2 SIP accounts, has a 2.3-chip LCD screen and offers HD audio quality.

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  4. Call plan to call landlines and mobiles from Brazil

    Call plan to call landlines and mobiles from Brazil

    Do you have any friends or family in Brazil, or do you do business with people residing in Brazil? We offer a solution to reduce the costs of your calls to landlines and mobiles in Brazil. Our voip phone package for Brazil includes 10 hours of calls per month to call Brazil without restriction. In addition, you can add a landline or mobile phone number from Brazil to your pack so you can also receive calls with a Brazilian number.

    This service will allow you to make and receive calls as if you were in Brazil. Your correspondents will call your number from Brazil and you call them with your Brazilian number. You can make and receive phone calls with your mobile phone with a voip application, on your computer by installing software, or use a voip phone that you can buy in our website.

    If you do not have internet, we can forward incoming calls to your current number, and to make calls, you must call an access number that we will provide you. Reduce your phone bills and facilitate

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  5. New tutorial to configure Gigaset A510 IP, C530 IP phones

    New tutorial to configure Gigaset A510 IP, C530 IP phones

    New tutorial to configure Gigaset A510 IP, C530 IP phones. Use it to make and receive calls with the services of Hivoox Telecom.
    If you need a tutorial in particular, do not hesitate to make us the request, we will do it to you.

    Tutorial in English:

    Tutorial in French:

    Tutorial in Portuguese:

    Tutorial in Spanish:

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  6. Pay with credit card by Paypal without having Paypal account

    PayPal is one of the most used online payment services in the world, with more than 15 million merchants worldwide, which offers it to its customers as a method of payment. With Paypal, merchants of all types can offer credit card payments to their customers without all the usual banking restrictions.

    This excellent payment service allows individuals or companies in any country to pay for purchases, receive payments, send and receive money quickly and online. For these reasons, more than 200 million people use PayPal to buy, sell or send money around the world. To benefit from PayPal services, the user must create an account and then send several bank details to PayPal, such as the credit card or bank account number. Once validated, it will be enough to indicate the email address and a password to perform the transactions.

    Paypal offers an intuitive web interface, which allows you to see the balance of the account, the details of payments made or received, modify information,

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  7. Virtual Numbers from Kazakhstan available in Hivoox

    Virtual Numbers from Kazakhstan available in Hivoox

    For individuals, the virtual numbers from Kazakhstan is a service that can be used to maintain contact with family and friends living in Kazakhstan. Companies can use this service to facilitate contact with customers in Kazakhstan and allow them to call the company at the cost of a local call even if the company is based abroad. In both cases, the calls can be received in Kazakhstan or abroad without any change for the caller.

    In addition to receiving calls, users can also make calls with Kazakhstan's virtual number as if it were physically in Kazakhstan.

    We are continually working to improve and expand our voip network and virtual number coverage (landline, mobile, fax, national and toll-free numbers) to best meet the needs of our users. The Republic of Kazakhstan has just been added to our coverage, allowing us to provide you with the landline numbers of various cities in the country.

    Cities in Kazakhstan where you can have the number

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