Your question:

I set up the Zoiper softphone on Android, everything works, and I receive the calls. But after a few minutes, when I call the number the call goes to the voicemail, and I receive a message in the Zoiper application that tells me that I received an incoming call, but the phone did not ring.

My internet connection is 4G Orange.
Do I need to add credit to receive calls?
Can you help me?

Our answer:

The reception of calls in the DID number is free when you use the ZOIPER application to receive calls. Your problem should be related to the operation of the ZOIPER in the background.

To solve this problem, try the following steps:

1 - Open the Zoiper enter “Setting”,
2 - Go to Connectivity and check the box "Keep wi-fi alive",
3 - Also check the box “Run in the background”,
3 - On your Android, click on “Setting” and look for Application,
4 - In application, search Zoiper, and click on “Mobile data”,
5 - In “Mobile data”, activate the option “Allow the use of data in the background”
6 - Restart zoiper and everything should work fine.

In certain Android models, you can find Mobile Data in “Setting”. In this case you can simply activate the use of data for zoiper.

Find here the tutorial to make this setting.

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