If the objective of your products and services, are companies, professionals or self-employed, you can sell them on our page without any problem. To do this, you must provide us with a document that justifies your professional activity. As soon as your account is validated, we will add your products or services to our catalog.

You can offer your services in all the languages, countries and currencies of our pages. If you have not translated the descriptions for your products, you can request the help of our agents for the translation and publication of your products and services. Our support team will answer your customers' questions and advise the customer when choosing the product.

In case of incidents with your customers, you will receive a support ticket that you must respond to resolve the incident. If you do not speak the client's language, our advisory team will respond to the clients. If your products and services are not in our categories, and can be offered to companies, we will add the required category. For your sales, you receive payments exclusively through PayPal or Payoneer. Commissions You have to offer reseller prices, so we can add a margin to the sale price of each product or service, while remaining competitive.