With this tutorial, you can configure the IP phones of the Gigaset brand to make and receive calls with the VoIP services of Hivoox or other operators. If you have not yet purchased your Gigaset, you can buy it on our website. 

Use your Gigaset IP phone to make and receive calls with Hivoox Telecom's voip service. This tutorial has been done with the Gigaset A510 IP model, but you can use it to configure other models of the Gigaset brand. Even if you are not a Hivoox user, you can use this tutorial to configure your Gigaset ip phone.

Before starting the configuration, you must have the information of your Hivoox sip account or your voip provider sip account.

You can order a Hivoox sip account by subscribing to our services via the website hivoox.com

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help configuring your sip phone whether you are a Hivoox user or not.