Call plan to call landlines and mobiles numbers from Panama

Calling plan Panama


VoIP calling plan to call landlines and mobile phones in Panama. Share the Calling plan Panama with your employees and families without geographical restrictions. 


This Calling plan Panama will allow you to make phone calls to landlines and mobile phones in Panama for free. To take advantage of the Calling plan Panama, you must have a Panama virtual number with Hivoox. During your purchase you must select the desired pack of minutes.  

Calls to destinations not included in the Calling plan Panama will be charged per minute on a prepaid basis.

Countries included in the Calling plan Panama

Landlines Panama
Mobiles Panama

Calls to special numbers are not allowed with the Calling plan Panama. Such calls will be charged per minute in prepaid form.

Features of the Calling plan Panama

Voip phone line to call Panama for free.
Compatible with our Panama virtual numbers service.
It allows simultaneous calls (several users at the same time).
It works with iOS, Android and Windows through ADSL, WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G...
Compatible with IP phones, SIP adapters and IP PBX.
Requires internet with a minimum capacity of 256 kpbs up and down.
Supports G729, G711u and G711a audio codecs.
Includes web interface to manage your phone line.
Log of calls made, received and failed.
Music for calls on hold.

Benefit of this Calling plan Panama

It can be shared among users without geographical restrictions.
This offer that significantly reduces your telephone bills.
You can use it from your landline, mobile or tablet.
Transparent call package, no surprises or hidden fees.
No commitment or long-term contracts.
Excellent audio quality for calls to landlines and mobiles.
Technical and commercial assistance in several languages.
It works anywhere in the world with internet.
Hivoox guarantees a stable and quality service.

Terms of use for the Calling plan Panama

The user can use the Calling plan Panama to call all the fixed and mobile in Panama, according to the chosen options. The user can use the Calling plan Panama in his business or in his home and share it with other users without geographic restrictions. The user can't use the calling plan Panama to perform calls in a call center.

The Caller Line Identity function (present your phone number as the outbound CLI on your calls) is  guaranteed in this service.   

Validity of the Calling plan Panama

This Call Plan Panama is valid for 30 days from the activation date and is automatically renewed each month. If you contract on day 01, your next billing will be on the 01 of the following months.

The minutes of this Flat Call Rate are renewed each month. It is not possible to accumulate the minutes for the following month.

Cancel the subscription of this call package

To cancel the subscription to this Calling Package, simply send us an email and request cancellation of the service. Please note that your request must be made before the date of the invoice and you must not have any unpaid invoice.


Since this is a virtual service and for obvious reasons, the amount paid for this Calling Package cannot be refunded. Hivoox will not make any exception to this rule.

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