FAQ, Tutorials & Documents

General questions

  1. SIP terminal in descriptions
  2. Best Internet speed for VoIP
  3. Supported audio codecs
  4. Information to set the SIP terminal
  5. CLI for outgoing calls

Virtual assistant

  1. Exclusive virtual assistant
  2. Assistant to also receive calls
  3. Assistant speaking several languages
  4. Virtual assistant but also courier
  5. Process orders and emails

Virtual numbers

  1. French did without address
  2. Number of Spain in Mexico
  3. Have a toll-free number
  4. How to receive a fax?
  5. Use Switzerland voip number

Voip phones

  1. Audio problem with the ip phone
  2. Tutorial for Gigaset ip phone
  3. Tutorial for Grandstream ip phone
  4. Update Grandstream phones
  5. Sell used IP phones

Email Marketing

  1. SMTP server with rotating IP
  2. Emails not reach the destination
  3. Mailing list purchased
  4. Emailing in 5 minutes
  5. SMTP server for mass mailing

Hosted PBX

  1. Switchboard with different numbers
  2. Tutorial to redirect calls
  3. Filter or block incoming calls
  4. Set the welcome message
  5. Configure a group of extensions

Voip Adapters

  1. Busy tone with my ATA
  2. Audio problem with sip adapter
  3. Tutorial Linksys PAP2T adapter
  4. Tutorial Grandstream HT Adapters
  5. Which voip adapter to choose?

Mobile phones

  1. Use voip on my mobile
  2. GSM phone and SIP protocol
  3. Spy mobile phones
  4. Office phone with SIM card
  5. Mobile as extension of the PABX

Digital Marketing

  1. Guaranteed result in SEO
  2. A complete marketing pack

PBS interface

  1. Edit information on PBS
  2. View detailed call logs
  3. Change sip line password
  4. Recharge my account
  5. Find the list of SIP accounts

Asterisk pbx

  1. Sip Trunk: Manage CLI calls
  2. Asterisk PBX for IP authentication
  3. Asterisk PBX digest authentication
  4. Why choose asterisk?
  5. Forwarding calls to the server IP

Domiciliation - Postbox

  1. Proof of address for postbox
  2. Create a company with this address
  3. Postal address in Luxembourg
  4. Business Domiciliation in Lisbon
  5. Mailing address for individuals

Workspace - Coworking

  1. Coworking center in the world
  2. Pay upon arrival at the center
  3. Office rental in another country
  4. Propose my center on the site
  5. Virtual Office for Business

Content & translation

  1. Content delivery deadline
  2. Nationality of our translators
  3. We do not plagiarize content
  4. Visits generated by content
  5. Package of articles

Virtual Companies

  1. Creation of companies
  2. Get the Spanish NIE
  3. Companies urgent ready to work
  4. Company and bank account
  5. Open a bank account

VoiP Integration

  1. Voip integration service
  2. Publish my voip integrator profile
  3. Configure Asterisk for Call Center
  4. Migrate and keep installation
  5. SIP trunk for Alcatel IP PBX

IT development

  1. Become a Hivoox developer
  2. Hiring a developer through Hivoox
  3. Developer does not work well
  4. Develop modules for CMS
  5. Have an English developer

Servers & networks

  1. About server administration
  2. Server management in Spain
  3. In case of server issue
  4. Configure my router or modem
  5. Physical installation of networks

Sell on Hivoox

  1. Sell my products in Hivoox
  2. When do you pay for my sales?
  3. Resolution of disputes with clients
  4. Sell products or services
  5. Provide services as an individual

Outgoing calls rates

  1. Calls do not come out
  2. Phone line from another country
  3. Display of the outgoing number
  4. Dial without the country code
  5. Emergency number and toll-free

Billing service

  1. My balance is negative
  2. Cancel my virtual number
  3. Suspend my line temporarily
  4. Payment methods
  5. Paid but account suspended


  1. Do you collaborate with call centers?
  2. Become a Hivoox sales agent
  3. Use my own SIP account
  4. Sell products by phone
  5. Recording of telesales calls

Reseller service

  1. Become a Hivoox reseller
  2. Recharge my clients account
  3. Create PBS accounts for clients
  4. My client’s invoices
  5. Custom PBS interface

Support Service

  1. Real technicians or tele secretaries?
  2. Can my agent make sales?
  3. Agent without an accent in english
  4. Can I record the calls?
  5. Pack of several agents

Telephone receptionist

  1. Information of products to customers
  2. Transfer of calls to the mobile
  3. Order processing
  4. Calendar and message management
  5. Receptionist nationalities


  1. Do you send printed documents?
  2. Provide my services in Hivoox
  3. Banner and social network image
  4. Custom videos for companies

Softphones SIP - VOIP

  1. Media5fone on your mobile or tablet
  2. The Softphone does not register
  3. Tutorial of X-LITE for PC or Mac
  4. Tutorial Bria for PC or Mac
  5. Tutorial ZOIPER for PC, Mac or LINUX
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