Audio problem with the ip phone

IP phones work very well with our voip services. If you have incidents related to audio quality during reception of calls using an ip phone with our voip services, we recommend that you check your Internet connection and audio codecs. With our services, you can use the G711u, G711a, PCMU, PCMA, ULAW, ALAW and G729 codecs.

With other operators, you must use only the audio codecs authorized by your operator. Keep in mind that only authorized codecs should be active if you want to have good audio quality. Disable any other codec available in the codec list. If your ip phone does not allow you to disable the audio codec, place first the authorized codecs.

Some tips to help you:

Dial *98 to check if you hear the mailbox correctly.
Check the volume of the ip phone.
Check that only the audio codecs listed above are active.
Change the position between the active codecs in the list.
Give priority to the codecs listed here: Codecs: G711u, G711a, G729, ulaw, alaw, PCMU, PCMA.
Check that your firewall is not blocking ip phone traffic.

PS: If your ip phone does not have all the codecs indicated here, use the ones in this list that are available in your ip phone.
If the problem persists after these checks, you should make sure that your router does not block audio traffic. If you use our VoIP services or are registered on our site, open a support ticket and we will help you solve the problem.

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