Calling card to Tajikistan: cheap calls without internet

Tajikistan Phone card - Voip

The Tajikistan calling card allows you to make calls to Tajikistan and internationally, using an access number provided by Hivoox.

To make phone calls to Tajikistan, you can easily use your mobile phone with a SIM card or a landline phone. To reduce your phone bill to Tajikistan, you can choose to use VOIP telephony, and make calls with a SIP terminal (IP phone, mobile + SIP application, computer + softphone, voip switchboard, etc.). The only drawback of the VoiP solution is that the voice is routed over the Internet, which requires users to have Internet on the device used to make calls to Tajikistan.

So it happens that some voip users find it difficult to make calls to Tajikistan if there is no Internet or if the Internet quality is poor. In this case, the ideal solution is to use the French phone card.

The Tajikistan calling card is a service that allows you to make calls to Tajikistan and internationally, using an access number provided by Hivoox, without using the Internet or a SIP terminal. When you buy this phone card, you will receive by email your account number and the list of our access numbers that will allow you to make phone calls to Tajikistan.

With the Tajikistan Phone Card, you will have an access (landline) number that you need to call from a landline or mobile phone and the system will ask you to enter the number in Tajikistan that you want to call. Enter the desired number and the system establishes the call between you and the destination Tajikistan number.

Features of the Tajikistan phone card

Tajikistan phone card to make calls.
Phone card configured for Tajikistan.
Premium and direct routes to guarantee quality.
It allows you to call landlines and mobiles.
Access numbers available in various countries.
Call recording (optional).
Block calls to certain destinations.
Account management portal.

How does it work?

1- Buy your calling card to Tajikistan on this website.
2- Receive your account information and access the PBS portal.
3- Receive the available access numbers.
4- Top up your PBS account and start making calls to Tajikistan.
5-Call the access number and follow the system instructions.

Special conditions of service

The customer purchases the Tajikistan calling card service to make calls over the Internet to Tajikistan, using their regular landline or mobile phone. To make calls, the customer must call the access number made available to them by Hivoox and follow the system instructions that will ask them to enter the number they wish to call in Tajikistan. Outgoing calls will be billed per minute, according to the rates published at any time on this website.

This service has no monthly cost. The balance of the client account does not have an expiration date, but a client account cannot remain inactive for more than 12 months. Any inactive account for a period equal to or greater than 12 months will be closed, and the client will lose the balance of his account.

Please read the content of this page carefully and do not hesitate to ask us any questions before purchasing this calling card for Tajikistan. We will not accept refunds for the card purchased and will make no exceptions to this rule.

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